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What is the life expectancy of the floor?
The life expectancy of an epoxide flooring can vary from 25 to 50 years, approximately, depending on the usage, the maintenance, and the chosen system.
Can the floor resist to abrasion and chemical products ?
The resin coatings are very resistant to chemical products and abrasion. Each product of our rang possesses characteristics and advantages specific to them. Many groups are used, such as polyurethane, urethane, polyaspartic, polyurea, water based epoxy, aliphatic epoxy, moisture vapor barrier, epoxy casting, adhesives, and many more.
On what type of flooring can resin be applied to?
Our products can be applied to different substrates such as concrete, wood, and plywood. However, it is strongly recommended to refer to each technical sheet before preparing the surface and using the product.
Are the products safe and environmentally-friendly?
We are resin manufacturers who care about the environment. Our products can be used for the agri-food sector,m the pharmaceutical sector, the hospital sector, and any sector that required an an increased protection for cleanliness and bacteria. Furthermore, we do our best to find raw materials that are made locally.
Are there many choices of colors?
The colors are illimited, since we have a very varied color charts and we can custom make them.